“What if… YOU could Control
your Credit Score
and get out of
debt fast… 

make Banks LITERALLY beg to lend you money, and protect your most valuable asset, YOUR IDENTITY, from ever being stolen?”

Now YOU can!


Discover the closely guarded secrets to
controlling your financial life, instead of it
controlling you!”

**WARNING: Every strategy contained in this book is tried, tested and proven with tangible results… consequently, this letter is only intended for serious minded people with genuine commitment to making their financial situation better than what it is today… If this doesn’t describe you, stop reading right now!


From: Douglas U. Idugboe
Tuesday 11:44 am


Dear Fellow Canadian,

e have discovered in recent times that the root of financial difficulties in the lives of most Canadians is not lack of money… but lack of financial literacy.

Most people think that lack of money is their problem. Lack of money is only a symptom of a deeply rooted and more serious problem of lack of financial education that shows you exactly how to become more financially intelligent and abundant.

This is the best time to be alive… the best time to live in this hemisphere we call North America and particularly, Canada.

If you’ve always imagined yourself having complete control of your financial life...

…Then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Because on the following web page, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how ANYONE can quickly get out of financial hole and achieve financial success using the bank’s money.

Even better, if you ALREADY have an OK financial life

I’ll reveal to you how to get from where you are right now to where you really want to be – by following my simple but proven financial and credit system.

On this page, I’m going to show you…


How to build your credit from scratch, even if you don’t currently have a credit record or past to relate to!*

How to repair your bad credit report, no matter how scary your past may have been!*

How to improve your current credit score quickly!*

How to protect your current credit score, even if you think you have perfect credit history. If you think you have perfect credit and that there’s nothing to worry about, I’ve got news for you! There’s no such thing called “perfect credit”. It’s true there’s good credit, there’s always going to be room for improvement, and you will discover how to do that!*
Your credit rights in Canada and how to effectively use them to your benefit!*
How to quickly and systematically get out and stay out of bad debt!*
How to create a MONEY MAP that will consistently take you to a weekly, monthly, yearly… positive cash flow!*
How to LITERALLY make banks beg to lend money to you every time -- Welcome to the chamber of secrets!*
How to protect yourself from Identity Theft and never ever become a victim again!*


…Plus so much more!


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about this book



Douglas has captured valuable techniques to help many individuals better understand their credit positions from various focus points, which make this book a great instrument to any preventive financial maintenance or planning!

-- Paul Counter,
Commercial Banker and Author of Don’t Borrow Money Until You Read This Book!




The beauty of this book is that Douglas doesn’t stop at just helping you repair your credit; he helps you get out of bad debt as he reveals the secrets of effectively dealing with banks and other lending institutions.

In this age of cyber crime and stolen identities, he shows you the exact steps you can take to protect yourself against identity theft.

-- Fabio Marciano,
Bestselling Author of The Secrets of Wealth




Douglas Idugboe has done an excellent job of simplifying many seemingly complex and mythical aspect of credit and debt balancing. He presents extremely helpful techniques for dealing with debt, collectors, and agencies.

His strategies are factual and easy to follow, and will go a long way in helping readers deal with everyday financial and credit hassles. This is a must-read for all families who are unsure as to how to deal with contemporary credit world.

-- Rose Joshua, Ph. D.,

Author of Single Mother of Five, and Program Director, Knowledge Sky International



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Discover how a broke immigrant became
financially free using the bank’s money


…For me, Canada has been a land of opportunity.

I still remember, like a moment ago, coming into this country a little over seven years ago with five dollars ($5) left to my name, with no friend or relative to call my own at the time… but I had the dream, desire and desperation, which I now call the 3D of success, to become financially abundant.

Realizing my quest for financial abundance will be futile without capital to start life with, I found myself in the halls of a bank in Montréal soliciting for a loan and I was completely denied the loan.

“Why?” I asked the lady across the desk

“You have no credit history,” was the response I got from her.

I had a bank account with the bank but this was my first experience in discovering that you needed “something else” in order to borrow money.

So I started asking questions. I started reading books. I started gathering resources.

I spent countless hours searching for the answers to my questions. Every answered question revealed more questions that needed answering.

I started to learn about why I could get a bank account but not a loan. I discovered why I was getting credit card offers in the mail and not getting approved when ever I applied for one.

I learned what it meant to build up a positive credit history, and why many people end up with bad credit histories instead.

I learned the ins and outs of what it took to get a loan. I discovered the steps I needed to take to develop a credit history. I discovered that there are many useful resources out there, but not always in one complete book… and never focused strictly on the Canadian credit and financial system. But I persevered.

Without realizing it, I was amassing a highly valuable, highly effective wealth of knowledge… a vault of crucial information.

Later, after learning and applying the various techniques needed, I went back to that same bank and this time it was different: they greeted me with open arms and begged me to borrow from them instead of the half dozen banks down the street (who were also begging!)

For me, my job wasn’t done. Yes, I did what I had set out to do: I got my loan. But my dream wasn’t finished with me just yet!


Click here to find out what I mean


Things got even more interesting. At a social gathering someone asked me an innocent, rhetorical question about a frustration they had with the Canadian banking system and then their jaw dropped when I gave them the answer.

“How did you know that?” they asked. “I’ve lived in Canada all my life and didn’t know that. In fact, I didn’t think anyone knew.”

It was all part of my learning. It had literally become a part of who I was. I told them about my project, how to get a loan, and soon they were asking me questions to help them. Another person joined our conversation, and another, and another. It wasn’t long before people were referring their family and friends to me and suggesting that I start charging for financial and credit counseling.

Soon my dream started to take shape. I was going to be financially free and I was helping other Canadians toward financial freedom by showing them exactly what I had learned. Today, I am living that dream. Today, I am living the life that I had wished for years ago. What’s more, I’m helping others live that life, too.

My financial and credit counseling became a full time consultancy. I was booked solid with clients who wanted to help get their financial lives in order. I was disappointed that I had to turn people away. Then someone made a suggestion: “you need to put this into a book!”

So I sat down and started to write.

My goal in writing it was certainly not to provide a detailed history of the Canadian banking system. People don’t care about that. No one wants to know who started the banks and which ones were here first and what their shares are valued at.

Ultimately, people just want to go to sleep at night knowing that tomorrow will look a little brighter than today for them financially and they want to be free from the crushing burden of debt or the menace of identify theft that is increasingly threatening all Canadians.

I wrote and didn’t stop writing. At first I started writing the type of document I would have wanted to know when I got my first loan (now many years ago). Then I added information about bad credit, since many of my new financial consulting clients were asking me for exactly that.

And I kept writing…

                             … and writing. 

I created an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow step-by-step practical guide to freeing yourself from debt, becoming successful, and living the life you’ve always wanted to live.

By the time I was finished, I had put onto paper what I believe to be the most powerful, informative, practical, efficient, and authoritative book on the Canadian credit and financial system available today.

After writing it, I spent nearly two years refining it, honing it, sharpening it like a blade of information that could cut through debt like soft butter. I named it Credit Miracle for Canadians because that’s exactly what it was:

…a miracle of information and effective actions that people could take to transform their lives, get out of debt, build their wealth, and safeguard their most valuable asset…

I made Credit Miracle for Canadians available to few people – just close acquaintances and clients – and they were snapped up like hotcakes. Soon, my phone was ringing off the hook with requests for the book and from referrals to do more financial and credit counseling.

People were reading my book and passing it around because the information was so valuable and crucial that it was changing lives.

Now I’ve decided to take it to the next level and make Credit Miracle for Canadians available to the public…

…It’s really my own dream come true to be able to help others enjoy the same prosperity that I have enjoyed. So I am thrilled to be able to offer this book to you.

Credit Miracle for Canadians is written in an easy to read style… almost conversational without being casual. It makes sense to topics that many people find confusing or difficult to understand. It’s comprehensive but not boring; Credit Miracle for Canadians will become the manual to a better and more affluent future for you.



eBook Cover

Did you know that good credit is cheaper than bad credit? Did you know that having credit card debt and only paying back the minimum amount will double or even quadruple what you originally owe?


Did you know that banks will literally beg you
to take their money
if you know what banks are looking for and how to present it to them?


There is so much to learn… Credit Miracle for Canadians is jam-packed with powerful techniques to rescue you from your present financial position to where you really want to be.


Listen to more of what others are saying about Credit Miracle for Canadians



Credit Miracle for Canadians
is not just another book written
on finance but an eye opener to many of us who are unaware of
the small steps we can take to prevent financial disaster.


-- Dr. S. A. Taylor, Pastor Showers of Blessing Apostolic Church



Finally, a breath of fresh air on the often confusing subject of credit. Credit miracle for Canadians is a gem of insight and practical knowledge for everyone.

With this book, Douglas has cleared the air and given us a key to success based on simple and clear knowledge. It helped us, it will help you.

-- Elhadj Dialo, Pastor Living Cornerstone Church



This book outlines a step-by-step roadmap to daily financial triumph!

Being a professional that cares greatly about people, I believe Credit Miracle for Canadians is a tool every Canadian should have in their financial toolbox.

-- Joseph Nwofor, Realtor C.I.R. Realtors, Calgary – Alberta


As I mentioned before…

… This BOOK is jam-packed with powerful techniques to rescue you from your present financial position to where you really want to be!

Here’s a chapter-by-chapter look at what you will learn in Credit Miracle for Canadians



Chapter 1 


“Discover the HIDDEN secrets of…
…the Canadian Credit System”*


You will discover just about how much the Canadian credit and financial industry has changed over the years…

…and why your grandparents could borrow money on a smile and handshake but why you (or anyone else for that matter) cannot.


You’ll learn about the value of leverage and how that simple principle of physics can actually make you a lot of money.

You will understand what credit really is and what it is not

You will discover your credit rights and credit laws in Canada so that you never get denied credit again for the wrong reasons…


…I revealed all these privileges province by province so that you know exactly what your credit rights are no matter what province you are in…

…And when it comes to financial information being reported about you, I exposed the 10 factors of protection and privileges outlined by federal statute.


Click here to discover your credit rights



Chapter 2


“Discover the HIDDEN secrets of…
…the Canadian Credit Reporting Agencies and make them work for you instead
of against you!”*


In this chapter, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know (and more!) about credit bureaus…

… as I exposed and dispelled all the myths about Canadian credit bureaus you may currently hold and then install the facts you MUST know now!


You’ll learn what they really are. After reading this, you will never be afraid of any credit bureau again!

You’ll discover how credit bureaus really get your information. It goes beyond what you generally thought as their source. With this information, you will be able to control credit bureaus’ access to information you don’t want them to know about.

Not everyone can look at your Canadian credit report. You’ll learn exactly who has the right to look at your credit record and under what condition they are allowed to see it.

You’ll discover other things Canadian credit bureaus do that they don’t want you to know about…


…And so much more!



Chapter 3


“Know and evaluate your Canadian credit score without trouble!”*


Learn how to interpret the information and how to understand and navigate the seemingly confusing world of credit bureaus, credit reports, and credit scores.


I’ll show you how to obtain your free Canadian credit report or do your free Canadian credit check, something most people do not realize they can even do! (Yes, it’s perfectly legal… in fact, it’s your right and responsibility to do so).

I’ll tell you what is good and what is bad on your credit report and how to make sure the bad ones never show up on your credit report.

Discover and understand the Canadian credit scoring system and why credit bureaus use the system they use now to score you. I even broke down your credit score into the individual percentages that are generally used by the credit bureaus!


I’m literally handing you a recipe that shows you exactly how you can understand and improve your credit score! But that’s not all.


Learn how to find and correct every error on your credit report. A single error on your credit report can severely reduce your Canadian credit score, and it will shock you where these errors are coming from!

You will also learn how to erase credit inquiries from your credit report. Certain inquiries that are greatly affecting your credit score, shouldn’t be on your credit file in the first place and they must be erased.

I will give you a template of communication letters to use to get your free Canadian credit report and improve your credit score with ease.


And much more…


Click here to learn exactly how to get your
FREE Canadian credit report and credit score



Chapter 4


“Apply for any Canadian credit card or loan
and never get turn down again!”*


Here you’ll find out how you can build a strong credit rating.

I show you several ways (both conventional and unconventional) to build a powerful, bulletproof credit rating without a lot of worry on your part.

I show you the two secret things that credit card companies care about in deciding whether or not to lend you money.

I outline several ways to help you keep your credit rating strong even while your friends and loved ones may be drowning in debt.


You’ll learn exactly which card to apply for, even if you are one of those searching for Canadian credit card for bad credit, Canadian bad credit loan, Canadian secured credit card (Canadian prepaid credit card), Canadian bonded credit, Canadian bad credit personal loan, and so on… online

You will discover how to apply for any loan or credit with guaranteed approval.


I also talk about how women need to handle their credit reports when they get married and take on their husband’s last name.



Chapter 5


“Hands-on step-by-step guide to
Canadian credit repair!


In here...


you’ll discover how bad credit can keep you from getting the nice things you want in life and how it continues to cost money – more money than you realize!

You’ll identify exactly what gives you bad credit and what doesn’t, and learn exactly what to do to protect yourself from the bad one.

You’ll learn how to avoid acquiring bad credit status by knowing what the bureaus are really looking for.
You’ll get a hands-on steps-by-step guide to repairing your bad credit. Not just for your credit report, but to give you complete control of your debts and take your financial future into your own hands.


And you’ll also learn the useful alternatives to buying on credit, even without money!


To Jump-start repairing your credit file,
Click here now!


Chapter 6


“How to make good credit better”*


This chapter addresses the issue of having good credit… and making it better. After all, better credit is cheaper than good credit…

… And I’ll show you how to accurately create and implement a budget that you can’t help but succeed with.

While most people around you struggle with budgeting (or worse yet, don’t budget at all), you’ll be a budgeting wizard with what you’ll learn in this chapter.

I’ll show you how to get and use credit properly to leverage your good credit into great credit.

I’ll give you the resources you need to avoid getting accused of having bad credit…
…And you’ll


Learn how to easily obtain and use lines of credit.

Learn how to effectively obtain and use overdraft protection.

Learn how to easily and consistently increase your credit limit.

Learn how to stop bad credit inquiries on your credit report.


And get a proper understanding of how banks use your debt-to-income ratio.


Click here to start improving your
Canadian credit score now!



Chapter 7


“Know what your bank is looking for
and get them to a YES every time!”*


In this chapter, you’ll be taught how to deal with and use Canada’s banking system to your benefit.

Most people see Canada’s banks as giant monolithic organizations that are more bureaucratic than the government. They can be, but I’ll give you the keys and a light to unlock their secrets and understand how they work, why they do what they do, and what you can do to work with them.

I’ll turn you into a banking ally so that they will consider you their friend and not a risk. You’ll learn how to find the right bank, how to manage your money at the bank, and how to get them begging you to loan you money.


Click here to start building a great relationship
with your bank now!


Chapter 8


“Never be in BAD DEBT again, no matter
how deep you are in debt right now!”*


Here, you’ll discover EXACTLY the steps you need to get out of debt.

You’ll be surprised to learn that it doesn’t start with paying off your debt. It starts with other steps that are far more fundamental than that. I’ll show you what those are and only when you’re ready will I guide you through the debt repayment process.

With the skills you learn here, you can’t help but succeed. I’ll also show you two ways to get out of debt that other debt elimination books don’t tell you: including ways to increase your income and a perfectly legal way to get out of debt fast.

I’ll also give you guidelines and advice to effectively deal with debt collectors who may be knocking on your door or terrorizing you over the phone.


Discover how to get out of debt with what you currently earn, so you start enjoying your life today, not tomorrow!

Effectively deal with the debt monster within, so you never regret any purchase you make again, guaranteed!

Use your out-of-debt goal to start building wealth immediately. You wouldn’t believe how simple it is.

Discover the facts, if, and when to get help with a Canadian credit counseling services agency. You can do what they can, you just have to learn how!


And much more...


Click here to start getting out of bad debt now!



Chapter 9


“Discover the truth about bankruptcy,
when and if to use it.”*


This chapter deals with “the B word”… Bankruptcy. No one wants it and I always recommend to people that they work their way out of debt rather than go this route… but the reality is that sometimes that’s not an option. In this chapter you’ll learn all about bankruptcy.


Click here to read all about it!




“Protect your most valuable asset –
YOUR IDENTITY from thieves!”*


This chapter deals with a new and scary terror to our financial life: Identify Theft. It’s something that our grandparents didn’t have to worry about but now we do. It’s becoming so pervasive danger that I’ve devoted an entire chapter to showing how you can protect yourself guaranteed and avoid it. The reason it’s so appropriate in this book is because it can seriously harm your financial well-being if you become a victim. So in this chapter you’ll learn how to avoid becoming a victim, but exactly what steps to take if you do become a victim, to quickly restore your good name


Discover exactly what it is, and not what you think it is!

Learn how Identity Thieves milk your information, so you know how to effective shield yourself.

Discover the signs of identity theft and if you are already a victim of identity theft. The old saying, “a stitch on time, saves nine” is so true in this case.

Learn exactly what to do, if you are a victim, to restore your good name.


And much more…


You will also get BONUS template of communication letters with credit bureaus


When you finish Credit Miracle for Canadians you will know everything you need to know to take control of your life and your financial future. You’ll have all the skills and information you need to (turn your financial horror into wealth) escape debt and become wealthy.

Now you’re wanting to know how much a book like this will cost. Will Credit Miracle for Canadians be hundreds of dollars? Will it be thousands of dollars?

The answer will shock you.

Other books and systems that are less helpful, less practical, and not about the Canadian credit system can cost hundreds of dollars. Yes, people pay hundreds of dollars for less information. But now I will reveal to you how much Credit Miracle for Canadians will cost:

Credit Miracle for Canadians will not cost you anything.

That’s right. You read that correctly.

How can I make that claim? Am I giving Credit Miracle for Canadians away for free? No, I’m not. Let me explain:

Your credit score determines how much interest you pay. The worse your credit, the higher the level of interest. So if you use the information in Credit Miracle for Canadians to increase your credit score, the interest rate you pay on loans you get will go down. You’ll virtually make money hand over fist because of the amount that you save.

So up front, Credit Miracle for Canadians – more valuable than the many books and programs out there that sell for hundreds of dollars – will only require your investment of $24.95.

I’ve priced the book at $24.95 because I want to make it available to people who are not always happy with their level of debt and who want to break free from the bad credit cycle. The publishers do have to cover their expenses on creating and marketing this book but I certainly don’t want to contribute to other people’s financial hardship!

Although everyone I’ve spoken to has said that I can charge much, much more, I’m only charging $24.95 for Credit Miracle for Canadians.

However, I believe that by following the system in Credit Miracle for Canadians you’ll get your money back fast through stress-free living, lower interest and easy access to loans because of your better credit rating. And the worse your financial situation is right now, the sooner you’ll get your money back!