About the Author:


DOUGLAS U. IDUGBOE is an internationally known speaker and motivator, author, investor, financial coach, consultant, and chairman of the board for Clonewave Corp.

He strongly believes above all things, God first, family second, and then everything else.

Idugboe is a first generation immigrant who came to Canada a little over eight years ago with nothing but $5.02 to his name. The only assets he had were what he now calls the 3Ds of success: Dream, Desire, and Decision.

Known for his controversially correct statements, “where you are today is a result of yesterday’s choices; where you will be tomorrow will be a result of today’s decisions” and “success is not about where you are coming from or what you are going through, it’s all about where you are going to!” Idugboe is the founder and president of QuickSuccess™ Training, one of the quick result success training companies in North America today.

People have come from all over the world to attend his life-changing seminars, boot camps, and workshops to learn the quick financial success strategies that he teaches. He is also the founder of ChristSmart™ FN, a church based program seeking to educate and empower at least 450 million people to build wealth through wise financial decisions based on sound biblical financial principles by the year 2020.

Idugboe is the author of Credit Miracle for Canadians: How to Build, Repair, and Improve Your Credit, Get out of Debt, Make Banks Beg to Lend You Money, and Protect Yourself from Identity Theft!